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DTMD is a DMV duo featuring Toine on the mic and Dunc on the boards, and their MMG debut is slated for September 20. Although “Makin’ Dollas” is their first full-length, both artists have contributed to MMG projects—Dunc produced “The Shining” on Diamond District’s 2009 album “In the Ruff,” Toine rapped on “95 North” from Oddisee’s “101,” and both members appeared on MMG’s 2010 compilation “Helpless Dreamer.”

“I be spitting for sanity
not really for the vanity”

DTMD may be fresh faces, but don’t mistake them for a pair of new jacks—they’ve been performing among the DMV’s best and brightest for years and “Makin’ Dollas” is certain to place them among the youngest forerunners in D.C.’s continuing emergence. Dunc’s beats reflect the classic East Coast sounds of his formative years, drawing influence from J. Dilla and Pete Rock, while Toine’s raps exude both youthful energy and wisdom beyond his years. “Makin’ Dollas” is sure to be a sign of what’s to come for the young duo.

To introduce those who aren’t familiar with DTMD, we’re offering up a pair of tracks from “Makin’ Dollas” that some may recognize but stay fresh none-the-less.
The title track, Makin’ Dollas, kicks off with Toine announcing his intentions: “The syntax is stress relief, in other words, if we speaking candidly, I be spittin’ for the sanity, not really for the vanity.” This style of articulate, sharp wordplay infuses Dunc’s production with the kind of wise, intelligent raps that make listeners hit rewind. The beat itself is a working man’s boom bap replete with lush guitar and vinyl scratches.

Dunc’s rich, full-bodied production serves as a natural backdrop to Toine’s technically astute rhymes, layered deep with smooth instrumentation evocative of such luminaries as J. Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Pete Rock, each of whom shaped the classic hip hop sounds of Dunc’s childhood. Toine’s energy and bright delivery belie wisdom beyond his years, inspiring deep reflection as easily as sharp battle fare and complex rhyme schemes. Maintaining a close working relationship with PG neighbor Oddisee and assuming a strong presence in the collective atmosphere of the DMV’s hip hop scene, DTMD appeared separately on MMG’s “Helpless Dreamer” compilation, Toine rhyming on “Different Now” and Dunc producing Stik Figa’s “From the Top.” Now the debut album Makin’ Dollas hits itunes for an early pre-release exclusive today September 20th! The CD release is next tuesday September 27th with a vinyl edition coming down the road.

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