Sinoptic International – L’Art ne paie pas

Sinoptic International - L Art ne paie pas


Is it possible for you to imagine an unconventional meeting between Witold Gombrowicz and Serge Gainsbourg, in exactly 9 minutes and 44 seconds?
Gombrowicz & Gainsbourg are artistic criminals in this vision, because they broke the established rules of creation and opened undiscovered doors and portals in the world of Art, or more precisely, in Literature, Music and Song-Writing. Where does Gombrowicz start and where does Gainsbourg end?
”L’Art ne paie pas” is a short instrumental hip-hop anthology, a french beat-tape or Parisian instrumental EP dedicated to the enigmatic geniuses of Witold Gombrowicz and Serge Gainsbourg coming together for the first time in Art History

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