RIP Ikutaro Kakehashi

Ikutaro Kakehashi

Ikutaro Kakehashi

(February 7th 1930 – April 1st 2017) was an engineer, an entrepreneur and the founder of Japanese manufacturers electronic musical instruments Ace Tone, Roland Corporation and ATV Corporation.
He is best known for founding Roland Corporation as well as his roles in the development of Roland drum machines and the MIDI standard.
In 1972 he founded Roland Corporation and became president continuing to work on the development of drum machines, including the Roland CR-78 and the iconic Roland TR-808

The Dilla Turntable

The Dilla Turntable

The Dilla Turntable

– 3 speed turntable (33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM)
– USB and RCA Outputs
– 1.8″ Headphone Jack
– Stereo Speakers
– Contains 45 adapter and replacement stylus
– Transcription software disc included in package

Sean Price Rap Professor T-Shirt

Sean Price Rap Professor T-Shirt

Sean Price Rap Professor T-Shirt

Proceeds from the sale will benefit Sean Price’s family

Got to Get Down (Teaser) by Masta Conga feat? ALVO , Oxygen , Audessey and Emskee

Got to Get Down



New album of the unpredictable Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, with totally re-orchestrated tunes to fit Masta Conga’s irreversible taste for oldschool hip hop, along with 3 of the most talented MCs of their generation. A jazzy library abstract hip hop LP album for all rare grooves diggers !

Nouvel album de l’imprévisible Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, composé de morceaux totalement réorchestrés et réadaptés aux goûts affutés de Masta Conga pour le hip hop oldschool, accompagné de 3 des plus talentueux MCs de leur génération. Un album de hip hop jazzy, abstract, library, pour diggers et passionnés de rare groove!

Auto-tuned till the bones, cheap and too easy rhymes, sugared to the point where rappers all ended up diabetic ; hip hop had totally sold its soul and swaggered along with glitters to the neck and wrists, confident that nothing more could happen. Too confident… Because Masta Conga and his Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra planned to send an application letter to integrate the rap game…
Except that finally, without even waiting the job interview, Masta and the Orchestra decided to put its back up directly in the street, track it down in a dark alley, just to remind it a few fundamentals, far from the swimming pools and sport cars. An alley where only the most sharpened verses get respect, where MCs with weak flows and flat rhymes get evacuated on stretchers. One of these dark alleys which, since their last album Pulsion, have become their favourite playground, where jazz, funk and gangster movie soundtracks are the rulers, in between acoustic and electric, horns, double bass, percussions, vintage keyboards and double-locked tight grooves.
Turning the commutator on ‘hip hop’ position, Masta Conga puts the Orchestra in the best dispositions for some pages of rhyme books by the formidable lyrical trident Emskee, Audessey and Oxygen, themselves letting of a siren of Quincy Jones’ Ironside or the Godfather’s Funky Drummer ; all rallying signs for the 90’s hip hop purists.
Assaulted by the live instrumentation spread on the 7 titles of Got To Get Gown, the corrupted and shaded off hip hop suddenly became aware that it is nothing but an umpteenth ramification of variety music…

Auto-tuné jusqu’à l’os, ses rimes bradées à la facilité, tellement sucré aux refrains que les rappers avaient fini par tous devenir diabétiques, le hip hop avait vendu toute son âme et paradait, sa joncaille au cou et aux poignets, pensant que rien plus rien ne pouvait lui arriver. Trop sûr de lui…Car Masta Conga et son Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra avaient prévu de lui adresser une lettre de motivation pour intégrer son rap game…
Sauf que, finalement, sans vraiment attendre la convocation à l’entretien, Masta et l’Orchestre ont décidé d’aller le braquer en pleine rue pour le traîner dans une ruelle à l’écart, histoire de lui rappeler quelques fondamentaux, loin des piscines et des voitures de sport. Là où seuls les couplets les plus affûtés sont respectés. Là où les MC’s aux flows frêles et aux rimes plates sortent sur civières. Ces endroits sombres qui, depuis leur dernier album Pulsion, sont devenus leur terrain de jeu favori. Le jazz, le funk et les B.O. de films de gangsters y sont la règle, entre acoustique et électrique, cuivres, contrebasse, percussions, claviers vintage et groove cadenassé à double tour.
Actionnant le commutateur sur la position “hip hop”, Masta Conga met l’Orchestre dans les meilleures dispositions pour quelques bonnes feuilles des rhyme books du redoutable trident lyrical Emskee, Audissey, et Oxygen, faisant retentir les sirènes de l’Ironside de Quincy Jones ou le Funky Drummer du Godfather comme autant de signes de ralliements des puristes du rap 90’s.
Violenté par la force live déployée sur les 7 titres de Got To Get Down, le hip hop corrompu et dégradé prend d’un coup conscience qu’il n’est qu’une énième ramification de la variété…



Album teaser :
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– Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra –

After their latest releases on Ubiquity Records – Pulsion and Last Odyssey – Masta Conga & his Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra are back in the game with this 5th LP dedicated to Masta Conga’s passion for oldschool hip hop. The core of the band instrumental vision is as solid as ever, and the Mcs vintage flow fits this equation perfectly !
– Masta Conga – all percussions, production, composition, mix, mastering
– Elvismartinezsmith – guitars, co-production, artwork, photos
– Benjamin Peyrot des Gachons – all keyboards
– David Batestini Quadri – double bass
– Max Hartock – drums
– Jean Baptiste Feyt – flugelhorn, trumpet, valve trombone, amplified trumpet
– Victor Dos Santos – bass clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax, amplified sax
– Philippe Vernier – baritone sax, flute, clarinet, amplified sax
– Marianne Launay – Matthieu Lecomte – Ludovic Fabre – Jasmine Collet – Marion Hédin – strings section


– Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra –

Après leurs précédentes sorties sur le label Ubiquity Records – Pulsion et Last Odyssey – Masta Conga & son Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra sont de retour avec ce 5ème LP dedié à la passion de Masta Conga pour le rap oldschool. L’approche très jazz instrumental est aussi solide que précédemment, mais cette fois agrémentée du flow vintage des MCs, une équation parfaite !
– Masta Conga – percussions, production, composition, mix, mastering
– Elvismartinezsmith – guitares, co-production, artwork, photos
– Benjamin Peyrot des Gachons – claviers
– David Batestini Quadri – contrebasse
– Max Hartock – batterie
– Jean Baptiste Feyt – bugle, trompette, trombone, trompette amplifiée
– Victor Dos Santos – clarinette basse, sax alto, sax soprano, sax amplifié
– Philippe Vernier – sax baryton, flute traversière, clarinette, sax amplifié
– Marianne Launay – Matthieu Lecomte – Ludovic Fabre – Jasmine Collet – Marion Hédin – section cordes

Tradiio: Monthly Funding For Music Creators

Music app blends streaming and subscription crowdfunding to open new revenue stream for artists.

Making a living as an artist in 2016 is harder than ever. For the vast majority, streaming royalties are almost non existent and and downloads / physical sales are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Artists need a new revenue stream. The answer is going direct­to­fan.
Tradiio is a music app which enables fans to discover and subscribe directly to their favourite artists with small monthly payments.

In exchange, artists provide exclusive releases, behind the scenes content and experiences to bring their fans inside their creative process and journey as an artist.
Whilst boasting all the features of a conventional streaming service (playlisting, curation etc.), the platform looks to provide all the tools needed to maximise artist revenues. These include ‘subscriber only’ options for track streaming, locked content sharing as well as each artist being assigned a personal manager to educate them on current best practices.
Álvaro Gomez, CEO ­ “Tradiio started with a clear goal to enable artists to extract value from their music. Now, just after a few days with this feature, we’re already seeing artists earning in excess of $500 per month.”

Particular artists of note include Portugal based singer­songwriter Surma, who is earning $500 per month, offering backstage festival tickets and exclusive ‘subscriber only’ tracks ­ and LA based electronic producer Ark Patrol, who is generating $200 per month in exchange for custom ring tones, Skype calls and production tutorials.

Tradiio is available free for artists and users through the following links:
iOS ­
Android ­

Duck Down x TRPL Threat Sneaker (Camo)

Duck Down x TRPL Threat Sneaker (Camo)


Limited Edition Duck Down x TRPL Threat Sneaker comes in army green camouflage and features the classic Duck Down running man logo on the sides. The front of the sneaker is lined with microphones and the word hip-hop. The sneaker comes in a matching collectible shoe box. Men’s Single Sizes 6-13 available

Audified MixChecker – introduction

Audified MixChecker

Audified MixChecker