Graffiti Spay Paint by Sound EX Machina

Graffiti Spay Paint by Sound EX Machina

Graffiti Spay Paint [Video Preview]

Graffiti Spray Paint is a FREE library containing 33 sounds of spray bursts, clicking balls, rattles, can cap sounds opening or closing and versions of spray paint cans hitting each other inside a polyester bag



Best Hip Hop Blogs on the Planet

Hip Hop Blogs

Beat Trotterz was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Hip Hop Blogs on the web
You can check out the link

RIP Mic One

Mic One: Anthology Vol.1 (1998-2015)

Mic One suddenly passed away suddenly on July 29th, at the age of 40

DOWNLOAD: Mic One: Anthology Vol.1 (1998-2015)

The Synare analog drum synth

The Synare analog drum synth

Details for “SYNARE FROM MARS” here

Analog Drums, Huge Subs & Wild FX From the Most Evil Drum Synth
“The Synare is an analog drum synth created in the mid 70s by Star Instruments. It looks and sounds like the most evil, analog flying saucer you’ve ever heard. The oscillators are huge, and reminiscent of much more expensive vintage synths – colored and extremely characterful – and the filter has the meanest resonance we’ve ever heard.”

The Black Opera – African America Vinyl 2XLP with Bonus Cuts

The Black Opera - African America Vinyl

Vinyl 2XLP with Bonus Cut

Here’s what we just received at the office today.
Like many other artists and labels we’ve been supporting since day one, we’re strongly supporting TBO.
This is a limited vinyl edition of the African American’s TBO album.
Salute to the whole crew and staff @ The Black Opera

RIP Ikutaro Kakehashi

Ikutaro Kakehashi

Ikutaro Kakehashi

(February 7th 1930 – April 1st 2017) was an engineer, an entrepreneur and the founder of Japanese manufacturers electronic musical instruments Ace Tone, Roland Corporation and ATV Corporation.
He is best known for founding Roland Corporation as well as his roles in the development of Roland drum machines and the MIDI standard.
In 1972 he founded Roland Corporation and became president continuing to work on the development of drum machines, including the Roland CR-78 and the iconic Roland TR-808

The Dilla Turntable

The Dilla Turntable

The Dilla Turntable

– 3 speed turntable (33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM)
– USB and RCA Outputs
– 1.8″ Headphone Jack
– Stereo Speakers
– Contains 45 adapter and replacement stylus
– Transcription software disc included in package