What Ever Happened to Hip Hop – Documentary

What Ever Happened to Hip Hop - Documentary

What Ever Happened to Hip Hop – Documentary (2009)

Starring Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-ONE, Busy Bee, Kool Keith, MC Lyte, Slick Rick, Jean Grae, Gemini and other notable people being part of the Hip Hop movement

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass video

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass video

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass

Beastie Boys – Root Down video

Beastie Boys - Root Down video

Beastie Boys – Root Down

Remastered version

Bachir Lord Faz soirée hip hop Rouen Shari Vari samedi 30 juin 2009

bachir lord faz soirée hip hop rouen shari vari samedi 30 juin 2009


Lord Faz

Samedi 30 juin 2009

Shari Vari
51 rue St Nicolas
76000 Rouen

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Danimal & LAKIM – Siamese Spins

Danimal LAKIM - Siamese Spins


Tame One – Anxiety Attacks video

Tame One - Anxiety Attacks video

Tame One – Anxiety Attacks (Official) :: Amalgam Digital

7evenThirty – Late Night Sessions mixtape

7evenThirty - Late Night Sessions mixtape


Big L let us know more than a decade ago that “if you 7:30, that means you crazy” and Jackson, Mississippi native Marques Phillips aka 7evenThirty can definitely be described as such. The youthful fireball injects eccentricity into every bar, combining the down-home wisdom of his region with a deranged style not born on this planet. Simply put, 7evenThirty is a bold new artist with an old-school soul.

The Tasmanian devil of rhyme will be working on a collaborative album with The Imperial Gensu Dean but prior to that he’ll be dropping the concept album Heaven’s Computer on September 25th.

The project features original songs as well as traditional mixtape ‘freestyles’ over other’s beats.

Paul White – The Strange Dreams of Paul White

Paul White - The Strange Dreams of Paul White


Daru Jones – Freshselects Rusic Leaks ’09

Daru Jones - Freshselects Rusic Leaks '09


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