Tony Moreaux – All About The Money

Tony Moreaux - All About The Money


Koncept – Getting Off The Ground

Koncept - Getting Off The Ground


Produced by Mark “Keitel” Lowe

ProleteR – Rookie EP

ProleteR - Rookie EP


Additional guitars on Not afraid and My melancholy baby by ProleteR
All cuts, scratches and turntable tricks by DJ Vega

J57 and Rasheed Chappell – Elite Status (F. Virtue remix)

J57 and Rasheed Chappell - Elite Status (F. Virtue remix)


AmeriKKKa – Rebels Without A Cause video

AmeriKKKa - Rebels Without A Cause video

AmeriKKKa – Rebels Without A Cause

Irahnik – I, The Ultimate

Irahnik - I, The Ultimate


Mixed & Mastered by Deverano & Irahnik
Featuring: 18sense, AK Of The Underachievers, Ben Beal, Deverano, Jimmy The Skeleton, K’ Lee, Lord Apex, mUsa, NDGO & tyler coolidge
Produced by 3LLL, Deverano, Diversa, eu-IV, GRiMM Doza, Izzard, kanisono, Orange Ooze, Prof.Logik, sabata, ShunGu, Tall,Drk, TEK.LUN, Thovo, VKRVM, weirddough, ฬเןl & yugana

Phaçade – Hand Em Up

Phaçade - Hand Em Up


Prod. by MagicXBeats

Travis Slang – Pray video

Travis Slang - Pray video

Pray (Lyric Video)

Ras Kass – ChristMESS

Ras Kass - ChristMESS


Feat. Felony Muzik, Doc Hollywood and Vooodu

Tim and Barry s I M TRYNA TELL YA feature length documentary

Tim and Barry s  I M TRYNA TELL YA feature length documentary

Tim & Barry’s “I’M TRYNA TELL YA” feature length documentary

In spring 2012 an entourage from DWT went to Chicago to document the Footwork Scene.
A scene ingrained in the lineage of the City itself, filled with effervescent dancers, storytellers and beat makers. It was single handedly the most unique and in-depth tour we had ever experienced.
Featuring key players on the scene, such as DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Manny, Traxman and Arpebu. The team navigated through the South and West sides of the windy City living with the GHETTOTEKNITIANZ or as they fondly refer to them self members of Teklife.
They slept on floors, sofas and in dodgy motels with their charming hosts.
All the while managing to obtain un-seen footage from the finest Producers, Footworkers and the good people of Chi-Town.
It’s taken our humble team a long and painstaking while to put this together.
We hope to do the people who shared their homes, talent and ultimately their lives with us, proud.
Produced & Directed by Tim & Barry
Edited by Phoebe Platman,Tim & Barry, Dan Draper,
Filmed by Tim & Barry, Akinola Davies Junior,
Assistant Editing by Akinola Davies Junior, Gwilym Lewis-Brooke, Sound mixed by Tim & Barry Shaun Savage,
Graded by Tim & Barry,
RP Boo interview filmed by Jim Alexander,
Ant Brown dancing footage Courtesy of Wills Glasspiegel

Fredro Starr – Polo Wars video

Fredro Starr - Polo Wars video

Fredro Starr – Polo Wars (Prod by The Audible Doctor) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Produced by The Audible Doctor

Tim Gent – PA

Tim Gent - PA


Prod. by Free P

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