Oddisee – Better Late and Indian Summer

oddisee better late and indian summer, oddisee offers up two new exclusive bonus instrumentals on bandcamp through mello music group



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Astronote – Weapon Of The Future LP

astronote weapon of the future lp


ICBM & Trainspotters – Nord Sale / Dirty North

ICBM Trainspotters - Nord Sale / Dirty North


Rap by Trainspotters
Produced by ICBM

D Strong – The Good For Nothing

d strong the good for nothing


Ill Sevenz Music Group: The 18 – track LP features production by Megalawge, Andy Mac, DJ Lord Ron, Bill Cash, Sentence, Jay Large, Drumz, Domingo, Djimon, DJ Elite and Scarecrow. Guest appearances by Wildelux, Aarophat, Eneeone, Mecca, Constant Flow, Miles O’Keefe and Mr. Bakaa

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184, King Kaiow, Sonny Jim, Jehst, Mr Thing – Superman Remix

184 king kaiow sonny jim jehst mr thing superman remix


Melodious Monk – Ghetto Blues

melodious monk ghetto blues


Melodious Monk’s Ghetto Blues have been expressed in a project that’s honest, gritty, and raw. Ghetto Blues was never officially released as a full length album but it was discovered in the internet galaxy and since 2005 Melodious Monks music has been found in many places with projects such as “Guns”, “Hymns”, production credits on Mighty Joseph’s “Empire State”, Vast Aire’s “Dueces Wild”, and various other projects. “Ghetto Blues” is the first chapter to the story of Melodious Monk’s life and today is the 6th year anniversary of the project and it has finally been released exclusively as an album for free!

Written, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed, and designed by Melodious Monk. Mastered by Michael Dominichi, bonus track produced by Tone.

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Noir Fluo – Volvo (Waslo Dilleggi) video

Noir Fluo - Volvo (Waslo Dilleggi) video

Noir Fluo – Volvo (Waslo Dilleggi)

Cette chanson dédicacée à la caisse de Waslo, sa meilleure amie

Kendrick Lamar – HiiiPOWER video

Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPOWER video


Produced by J. Cole
Directed by Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleishman

Sango – Sounds of Chimera

Sango - Sounds of Chimera


Sounds of Chimera is more ambient and love-themed. It is music accompanied by undertones and slow moving rhythms.

Oddisee – You Don’t Close Your Eyes

oddisee you don t close your eyes from the album Odd Season


“You Don’t Close Your Eyes” is about the dynamics of a relationship turned cold. Clever wordplay and an effortless cadence propel this insightful tale of domestic apathy, which finds Oddisee questioning what changed in his relationship: “restaurant parking lots seem like the spot in the plot where you like to talk a lot, where it used to be the spot in the plot where the windows was steamed because the heat coming off was hot.” Also along for the ride is frequent collaborator/keyboardist, Ralph Real, whose tenor adds an emotional intensity that helps accentuate the frustrations of unrequited love.

Oddisee has sharpened his technique to a refined point. Teeming with layers, heartfelt chords flutter from the piano forming inverted triads. Smooth drums and thick, rubbery basslines lend themselves to the mood, subtly moving and shifting as the track builds up steam. Crisp strings bring it all to a pleasant musical crest. Oddisee’s production is charged with the kind of craftsmanship that’s easily digested, yet brimming with complexity for those eager to dive beneath the surface.

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Brown Bag AllStars – The Agenda (Marco Polo Remix) Video

brown bag allstars the agenda marco polo remix video

Brown Bag AllStars – The Agenda (Marco Polo Remix) Video

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KTC @ The Hague Spring Custombike Cruise 2011

KTC @ The Hague Spring Custombike Cruise 2011

KTC @ The Hague Spring Custombike Cruise 2011

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