Universal Alchémy

Universal Alchémy

Dancers: Chem, Fantum, Frankie, Ken fury, Napalm, Omen.

Realised by: Tomson

Music: Chase & Status – Hitz ft. Tinie Tempah

Mojo Green – The One (Soulstyle Version)

mojo green the one soulstyle version


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J Dilla – U-Love

j dilla u love

J Dilla – U-Love

Created by Alan Gonzalez at HB Creative SF

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Thaione Davis – Confections video

thaione davis confections


Within her many moods there is a bittersweetness throughout…such is the chase to find her.

Produced by Thaione Davis, b/w “Reunited”, video by JUSTANOTHERCANVAS

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Oddisee feat. Diamond District – For Certain

oddisee featuring diamond district for certain


Oddisee has enlisted the rhyme services of his Diamond District brothers yU & Uptown X.O. to craft a new track entitled “For Certain” over Rock Creek Park production. The new song is now available for free download. The album Rock Creek Park is now available on Vinyl, CD, and Digitally.

The Lyrical Content:
“Nothing is fo certain / nothing is fo sho / so until they close the curtain, we gon have to do the show / Sho up, sho out, sho off, sho down / wit anybody around / it go off.” – Oddisee

“Progress is why I don’t rest / used to be the most fresh / now I care less / we gotta re-invent” – yU

“Had a dream / an angel told me remember / it can all be over in the snap of a finger / I say what I say because this movie could end today.” – Uptown XO

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Riff Raff McGriff – Tell Em video

dex aka riff raff mcgriff tell em official music video

Riff Raff McGriff- Tell Em [Official Music Video]

Produced by Mortis One, directed by Unxpect & Michael Reed

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Durazzo – Beats Vol. 1

Durazzo - Beats Vol. 1


All beats produced by Benjamin Durazzo

Random Axe feat. Roc Marciano – Chewbacca video

random axe  featuring roc mariano chewbacca music video

Random Axe “Chewbacca” Music Video feat. Roc Marciano

Chewbacca is a die-hard Random Axe fan. Watch as Chewy gets ready to see the group perform at Rock The Bells San Fran & is bold enough to join them for a performance on stage after knocking out a security guard. The song features Roc Marciano.

Directed by Noah Friedman. Produced by bkellyvideo and Third Street Works.

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Choclair feat. Hue Hef and Darko – T-Dot prod. by DJ Bless

choclair featuring hue hef and darko t-dot produced by dj bless


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GQ aka Nothin Pretty – Bon Voyage prod. by DJ Low Cut, cuts by DJ Djaz

gq aka nothin pretty bon voyage produced by dj low cut and cuts by dj djaz


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Nathan Flutebox Lee feat Biscuit and Ebo – performance video

Nathan Flutebox Lee feat Biscuit and Ebo - performance video

1Take.TV: Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee ft Biscuit & Ebo

Filmed and edited by Beatrice Black and Jonah James, sound production by Elliot Bradley.

Tone Tank and Scott Thorough – Bazooka Rap

tone tank and scott thorough bazooka rap


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