Point Of View 3 – Same Same But Different (Full Movie)

Point Of View 3 - Same Same But Different (Full Movie)

Point Of View 3 – Same Same But Different (Full Movie)



A$AP Ferg feat. Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes – Green Juice video

A$AP Ferg feat. Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes - Green Juice video

A$AP Ferg – Green Juice (Official Video) ft. Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes

Produced by The Neptunes
Directed by Valentin Petit
Produced by DIVISION
Producer: Theo Gall
Director of Photography: Jeff Bierman
Line Producers: Clemence Couten & Melanie Jackson
1st AD: Mathieu Perez
Producer NY: Tara Ravazi
Line Producer NY: Gina Naranjo
FX by Machine Molle
Artistic Director VFX: JF Fontaine
VFX Supervisor: Selim Mondzie
Animation Lead: Eric Letourner
CG Artists: Maxime Hélier, Damien Clément & Maxime Naudin
Real-time VFX Artist: Ruben Frosali
FX Artist: Mattéo Girard & Sara D’ibiza
Matchmove Artist: Florian Perrault
Digital Compositors: Sacha Danjou, Théophile Virnot & Adrien Renay
Postproducer: Marine Ligouzat
VFX Editor: Thibaut Kiefer
Editors: Valentin Petit & Antonin Brones
Color Grader: Arthur Paux
Sound Designer: Emilien Bernaux
Thanks to Laurent Bahy
Typographer: Nathan Almeras
Produced by Happy Place
Producers: Yvan Lafayette & David Newhouse
Production Coordinator: Cameron Steinfeld
1st AD: Daniel Lugo
Location Managers: Conlan Olberding & Teddy Yoon
DIT: Matt Richards
1st AC: Erik Kandefer
2nd AC: Alex Dubois
Steadycamer: Calvin Falk
FPV Operator: Tommy Tibajia
Key Grip: Sam Kretschmer
BBG: Rolf Elberlein
Gaffer: Matt Reilly
BBE: Manuel Moreno
Production Designer: Madison Hatch
Art Director: Steven Killian
Set Decorator: Rachel Marquez
Set Dresser: Tommy Mitchell
VFX: Karl Coyner
Scanning Technician: Ivin Ballen
Scanning Assistant: Damani Adadevoh
CAM/UNIT Truck PA: Mika Arava
G&E Truck PA: Ricardo Piva
15 Pass PA 1: Erena Willis
15 Pass PA 2: Carlos Cruz-Reyes
15 Pass PA 3: Kelly Fernandes
FPV PA: April Goldberg
Covid Officer: Luis Cabrera
Covid Assistant: Geno Houser

DJ Jean Maron feat M-DOt & Raene – BE TOGETHER (graffiti time lapse)

DJ Jean Maron feat M-DOt Raene - BE TOGETHER (graffiti time lapse)

BE TOGETHER – DJ Jean Maron feat M-DOt & Raene (graffiti time lapse)

Composed by DJ Jean Maron
Written by M-Dot & Raene
Mixed by Ray Wilson
Mastered by Miloud SASSI (DB MASTER PRO)
Graffiti by XELA
Footage & photos (time lapse) by XELA
Cameras: XELA & KAFAR

Caktuz x Lord Lu Cypher feat. [Blaque] Bird – Got Gas video

Caktuz x Lord Lu Cypher feat. [Blaque] Bird - Got Gas video

Caktuz x Lord Lu Cypher – Got Gas ft. [Blaque] Bird

Directed by Caktuz for AMASnoir
Produced by Kevin Katana

DJ Abilities – When video

DJ Abilities - When video

DJ Abilities – When (Official Video)

Starring Mary Grace
Directed and edited by Justin Marmorstein (Marmo Films Productions)
Director of Photography: Cesar Withingham
1st Ac: Joey Davis
Makeup: Oono Oyunjargal
PA: 5mith
BTS: Erica Fierro
Security Guards: Seth Akins & Joey Davis
Suits: Maggie DeLeonardis, Jeff Cordrey & Tom Anderson

Nomad Carlos – At Will video

Nomad Carlos - At Will video

Nomad Carlos – At Will (Official Video)

Produced by Son Raw
Animation by Migz

DJ Ends – 140ISH

DJ Ends - 140ISH


IE-REK – Diddy Dum Diddy Doo video

DIE-REK - Diddy Dum Diddy Doo video

DIE-REK – Diddy Dum Diddy Doo (music video)

Directed, filmed & edited by S9 Production Company

NECRO – AFTER 12 video

NECRO - AFTER 12 video


Directed, edited, written & produced by Necro
Engineered and mixed by Elliott Thomas & Necro
All performance shots (mostly handheld) and some cutaways by Mr. Hyde (street shots)
Rest of the shots by Necro (tripod shots set up – cereal shots)
Gremlins: Tone Space, JuJu, Kevin & Mr. Ministry
Cover Art by Ink-a-zoid
Color Correction by Necro

Per Diem Productions – ambient tape vol. 7

Per Diem Productions - ambient tape vol. 7


Dillon & J57 – The Squeeze video

Dillon J57 - The Squeeze video

Dillon & J57 – The Squeeze (Official Music Video)

Beat by J57
Rhymes & Scratches by Dillon
Directed by J57
Director of Photography: Fulani G. Jabri
VFX: Joel Young
Edited by Jake Handegard
Music Video Produced by Dillon & J57 + DJ Naomi Cambo

MOUNT WESTMORE – Big Subwoofer video

MOUNT WESTMORE - Big Subwoofer video

MOUNT WESTMORE – Big Subwoofer (Official Music Video)

Directed by Jesse Wellens & Sam Macaroni

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