I Self Devine – Up Aboves video

i self devine up aboves video

I Self Devine – Up Aboves

Termanology + Reks – Live From ATL (prod. by Tone Beats)

termanology and reks live from atl produced by tone beats from beatz and lyrics 2 go vol 2


The Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Vol. 2 mixtape is dropping another banger! Termanology & Reks hit the A3C Festival in Atlanta, Ga and recorded this track produced by Tone Beatz on the festival’s grounds. The two jumped off stage and right into the mobile studio’s recording booth to rep for Atlanta’s The Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce . DJ Dug Boogie from Hop Stew Mix Show provides the cuts for the third release from the project.

Sean Born – 909 Jack: BTS Pause Mix – mixed by DJ Marshall Law and hosted by Peter Rosenberg

sean born 909 jack bts pause mix mixed by dj marshall law and hosted by peter rosenberg


An Ode to the Pause Mix

In true Low Budget fashion we take it back to dual tape decks. DJ Marshall Law and host Peter (PMD) Rosenberg get you familiar with Sean Born on this throwback featuring new, unreleased and random joints. Sean Born is preparing for the release of his debut album “Behind The Scale” February 14th.

De La Soul s Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve – We Made It video

de la soul s plug 1 and plug 2 present first serve we made it

De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve – ‘We Made It’ (official video)

‘We Made It’ Skit from the animated world of De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve. The video follows our heroes Deen Whitter and Jacob ‘Pop Life’ Barrow from their early days of laying down demos and mixtapes to hitting the big time, signing to Goon Time Records.

Midiflash – Pleased To Beat You Mixtape mixed by DJ LP2

midiflash pleased to beat you mixtape by dj lp2


Beat producers MIDIFLASH from Munich, Germany teamed up with artists from both sides of the Atlantic, featuring American underground MCs such as M-Dot, The Society Of Invisibles, Side Effect, Banish, Nutso, Tribeca, EQ, Little Vic, GQ Nothin Pretty as well as European rappers like J-Spliff, Mr. Malchau, Cerebros, Black Tiger, Morlockk Dilemma…

Denmarks DJ LP2 puts the thirteen exclusive joints in a tight mix

01. Pleased To Beat You (Little Vic, Mr. Malchau, Revilo, GQ aka Nothin
02. Transatlantic Artivism (M-Dot, Black Tiger, Roger Rekless, Kapa)
03. Straight Fire (The Society Of Invisibles, Morlockk Dilemma, Cerebros)
04. I Got This (J-Spliff)
05. Next To You (EQ, Beond, Yello Blac, Darnell McClain & Antihelden)
06. Hip Hop (Dookz Cannon)
07. Maneater (Tribeca)
08. Warlordz (Banish, Aims, R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D.)
09. The Weapon Is Set (Destruct, Mortis One)
10. Raw Uncut (Mordekaii, Kwote 1)
11. Without A Reason (Side Effect, Revilo)
12. You Ain`t Ready (M-Dot, Mr. Malchau, Nutso, Antihelden)
13. City Of Saints (Mesidge, Antihelden)

Spark Master Tape – Syrup Splash video

Spark Master Tape - Syrup Splash video

Spark Master Tape – Syrup Splash (Official Video)

Produced by Paper Platoon
Visual by Hedj Banga

LAKIM – E L E V A T E . . .

LAKIM - E L E V A T E . . .


Originally released via The Soul Dojo
Artwork by Kerry Laster

Malkovich and P.U.D.G.E. – Lethal Vice

Malkovich and P.U.D.G.E. - Lethal Vice


Produced by P.U.D.G.E. [except “Flatfoots” by CHRIS CLARKE]
mastered by YAMIN SEMALI

Venomous2000 – Where Ya At (Machinist Remix) video

venomous2000 where ya at machinist remix video

Venomous2000 – Where Ya At (Machinist Remix) [Official Music Video]

This song “WHERE YA AT” is featured on Venomous2000′ “A Moment To Reflect II” which can be purchased here…. The song was produced by French producer Le Machinist!

RUN (Raps United Nation) – Serius Jones, D-Dub, Kid Called Quest feat. Rapper Big Pooh, Hassan Mackey and L.I., Santino

raps united nations cover

Serius Jones – What Goes Around (Prod by Brainiac Beats aka El Cerebro)

D-Dub – Grown Man B.I.

Kid Called Quest feat. Rapper Big Pooh, Hassan Mackey & L.I. – Silicone (Your Life’s A Lie)

Santino – Break It Down

“RUN” (Raps United Nation) is the brainchild of M.O.P.’s Billy Danze who throughout the course of his illustrious career and years of extensive international touring could not help but notice and acknowledge how many talented artists he met during his travels who simply lacked a platform to be heard. Who better then a fellow artist to spearhead the charge and give them that platform, as Billy explains “As an artist I understand the frustration. There are so many artists out there that possess the talent of being able to produce and record good music. They are determined; they have the drive and dedication, but feel as if no one notices. I’ve seen and heard what’s out there from an artistic level. These artists need to be heard and have a united voice. I am very passionate about giving them that opportunity and will do anything in my power to help those that really want to win.”
The Music industry has undeniably changed and evolved and artists have been forced to either adapt with it, or go the way of the dinosaur. While the Internet and the proliferation of social media platforms are viable assets for new artists desperately looking for exposure, using those mediums alone is still equivalent to trying to “catch lighting in a bottle.” Billy Danze’s ambitious plans for “RUN” are to create an army of incredible artists from all corners of the globe and to unify and raise awareness for them by creating projects which are loud enough to be heard by the masses; as Billy details “my aim is to get every talented artist a deal. Support on a globalized scale is all an artist really needs or could ask for. I have contacted all my resources and they in return have done the same. A vital key to success in this business is alliance; and I personally have a team in every corner of the world. We can build a team of thousands and support each other.”

There is no disputing the artistic contributions Billy Danze has contributed to the culture as a member of M.O.P., yet, while still in its early infancy, his greatest contribution may still lay in front of him as the founder of “RUN,” as he eloquently states “as a fellow artist, these projects will enable me to be a vital cog in a family of worthy artists that simply need a platform and a voice and to oversee that lends the potential to be the biggest accomplishment of my career. From a business perspective, I believe “RUN” (Raps United Nation”) is a vehicle the industry is desperately lacking. The way to find new talent is to go get it. Industry executives no longer believe in the artist, or artist development, how can the industry grow if we don’t allow new artists to showcase their talent?”

Fat Roll Puppy – Time

Fat Roll Puppy - Time


Fat and Juicy soiree funk soul DJ Aeon Seven DJ Krimau Rouen Shari Vari vendredi 24 fevrier 2012

mixlawax party 2 fat and juicy dj aeon seven dj krimau shari vari rouen fevrier 2012


BUD Skateshop et MiXlaWaX Presentent
Mixlawax Party – Premiere Edition
Soiree Funk Soul
Vendredi 24 fevrier 2012 au Shari Vari, Rouen

Shari Vari
51 rue Saint Nicolas
76000 Rouen

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