DTMD – Makin’ Dollas

dtmd makin dollas


DTMD is a DMV duo featuring Toine on the mic and Dunc on the boards, and their MMG debut is slated for September 20. Although “Makin’ Dollas” is their first full-length, both artists have contributed to MMG projects—Dunc produced “The Shining” on Diamond District’s 2009 album “In the Ruff,” Toine rapped on “95 North” from Oddisee’s “101,” and both members appeared on MMG’s 2010 compilation “Helpless Dreamer.”

“I be spitting for sanity
not really for the vanity”

DTMD may be fresh faces, but don’t mistake them for a pair of new jacks—they’ve been performing among the DMV’s best and brightest for years and “Makin’ Dollas” is certain to place them among the youngest forerunners in D.C.’s continuing emergence. Dunc’s beats reflect the classic East Coast sounds of his formative years, drawing influence from J. Dilla and Pete Rock, while Toine’s raps exude both youthful energy and wisdom beyond his years. “Makin’ Dollas” is sure to be a sign of what’s to come for the young duo.

To introduce those who aren’t familiar with DTMD, we’re offering up a pair of tracks from “Makin’ Dollas” that some may recognize but stay fresh none-the-less.
The title track, Makin’ Dollas, kicks off with Toine announcing his intentions: “The syntax is stress relief, in other words, if we speaking candidly, I be spittin’ for the sanity, not really for the vanity.” This style of articulate, sharp wordplay infuses Dunc’s production with the kind of wise, intelligent raps that make listeners hit rewind. The beat itself is a working man’s boom bap replete with lush guitar and vinyl scratches.

Dunc’s rich, full-bodied production serves as a natural backdrop to Toine’s technically astute rhymes, layered deep with smooth instrumentation evocative of such luminaries as J. Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Pete Rock, each of whom shaped the classic hip hop sounds of Dunc’s childhood. Toine’s energy and bright delivery belie wisdom beyond his years, inspiring deep reflection as easily as sharp battle fare and complex rhyme schemes. Maintaining a close working relationship with PG neighbor Oddisee and assuming a strong presence in the collective atmosphere of the DMV’s hip hop scene, DTMD appeared separately on MMG’s “Helpless Dreamer” compilation, Toine rhyming on “Different Now” and Dunc producing Stik Figa’s “From the Top.” Now the debut album Makin’ Dollas hits itunes for an early pre-release exclusive today September 20th! The CD release is next tuesday September 27th with a vinyl edition coming down the road.

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Trek Life – WCN (produced by Oddisee)

trek life wouldn t change nothing cover


“Wouldn’t Change Nothing” is the latest project from West Coast rapper Trek Life, a follow-up to his acclaimed 2010 album “Everything Changed Nothing.” Released digitally July 19, “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” features twelve remixes of the original Oddisee productions from “Everything Changed Nothing” as well as two new Oddisee-produced tracks (14 total new tracks). New production courtesy of Apollo Brown, Has-Lo, J Bizness, Audible Doctor, MarvWon, SlimKat78, ST.MiC, Captain, A3, Bombay, and Duke WestLake. The first single, Has-Lo’s remix of “Due West” was debuted last week by The Smoking Section, and tomorrow the LA Times premiers the next single, “So LA,” produced by J Bizness.

In a piece for the Huffington Post, John Wellington Ellis wrote, “Whereas the original incarnation of ‘Everything Changed Nothing’ was forged with a poppy soul sensibility, this remix album is like going out on the weekend in a new wardrobe, but a little darker. The songs offer the same essence since the vocals are recorded with that original swagger, but with some jazzy flourishes and tripped out sounding hooks, it’s a whole other vibe of Southern California.” “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” will be released on CD August 9.

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Hassaan Mackey and Apollo Brown – Tell Me

hassaan mackey apollo brown tell me


Mello Music Group released “Tell Me,” the second single from Apollo Brown and Hass aan Mackey’s “Daily Bread” album this Tuesday via DJ Booth. The track will be available today for free download. Upon its July 19th digital release, “Daily Bread” debuted at #29 on iTunes’ Top Hip-Hop Albums Chart a nd features guest appearances from Sean Born and Finale.

“Tell Me” features a visual perform ance from rapper Hassaan Mackey, who uses his descriptive abilities to set a vivid scene for his musings on the eternal paper-chase and struggle just to get by, “A nightmare on my street is always a reoccurring theme / Arguing with a fiend ‘bout a dollar and a dream.” Using a low-key yet commanding delivery, his verses bring into question many of the circumstances listeners take for granted in their daily travels, with allusions to maturation, poverty, and one’s place within a grand scheme.

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Cenope – Live intro

cenope producteur electro abstract hip hop de montpellier

cenope press kit

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DAILON – Conscioushift

DAILON - Conscioushift


Music by Dylan Flach aka DAILON
Mastered by Christian Mihranian
Artwork by Captain Weedo

Gods illa feat. Sean Price – Saviours and Punishers video and audio

Gods illa feat. Sean Price - Saviours and Punishers video

Gods’illa – Saviours & Punishers feat. Sean Price

Directed by Chop N Shoot Films


Vakill – Appetite To Kill video

vakill appetite to kill video

Vakill – Appetite to Kill – Official Video

Produced by Panik, Directed by Davey Greenberg

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Daru Jones – Rusic Rap Records Vol​.​2

Daru Jones - Rusic Rap Records Vol​.​2


Praverb Dot Net x FWMJ’s Producers I Know – Behind The Beats Volume 1

praverb dot net fwmj s producers i know behind the beats volume 1


Behind The Beats is a collaborative effort between Praverb Dot Net and FWMJ’s Producers I Know that showcases the production talent of beatmakers all over the globe. This compilation includes instrumental tracks as well as remixes.

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Vee One – RIP – Hommage: T-Shirt des vétérans du métro parisien par Chaze des Grim Team en collaboration avec ALP

tribute to vee one with this t-shirt realized by Chaze of the grim team born of a collab with alp

Les Grim Team New York n’avaient pas ressorti de série de T-shirts depuis 5 ans.
Ils viennent de relancer 5 modèles (dont un porté par Prodigy de Mobb Deep) réalisés par Chaze.
Chaze a contacté un des vétérans du Graffiti parisien à ce sujet pour qu’il lui fasse un Throw Up de Vee One sur le modèle des vétérans du métro parisien, à savoir ALP, également un des meilleurs amis de Vee One.
Ce T-Shirt est une dédicace aux vétérans du métro parisien (ceux qui l’on tagé ou graffé un jour), et c’est aussi un T-shirt en mémoire de VEE ONE.

Pour commander le t-shirt: The Grim Team

It’s been 5 years that the New York Grim Team didn’t release any Tee series.
Here they’re back with 5 new items realized by Chaze (one of them being wore by P of  Mobb Deep).
Chaze reached ALP for a collab on one model, ALP being one of the Parisian scene’s veteran and one of the Vee One‘s best friend.
He made the “Vee One” Throw Up.
So this t-shirt is a props to the Veterans who taged and wrote on the metro and also in memory of VEE ONE.

To purchase the t-shirt: The Grim Team

prodigy of mobb deep spotted at infamous studios,queens ny with a gt shirt

vee one wearing a grim team t-shirt

R.I.P. our beloved Vee One

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Headnodic – Crown City Rockers: B-Boy Medley remix feat. Planet Asia, Zion, The Grouch, Chali 2na, Mystic

headnodic nodrospective


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Koncept – Day Dreaming video

koncept of the brown bag allstars and tranzformer day dreaming off of their recently released free ep more than meets the eye

Koncept & Tranzformer “Day Dreaming” (Official Video)

Check out the new video from Koncept of The Brown Bag AllStars & Tranzformer “Day Dreaming” off of their recently released FREE EP “More Than Meets The Eye”.
Video Credits:
Produced by Hyer Ground
Director: Brian Robinson
Cinematographer: William Kaufman
Assistant director: James Partridge

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