The Lyricists – Constructicons Mixtape

The Lyricists - Constructicons Mixtape


El Da Sensei & The Returners feat. Rakaa Iriscience – Knowledge Be The Key

el da sensei the returners rakaa iriscience knowledge be the key


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Trainspotters – Dirty North | Debut album

trainspotters dirty north debut album front cover



trainspotters dirty north debut album back cover



After almost a dozen releases on vinyl, mixtape, cassette and online in Sweden and Japan, live shows in the US and Europe as well as one of the year’s most popular music videos, it’s now time for Trainspotters debut album. George Kaplan & Rewind (born 1988 and 1986) also chooses, together with their label Random Bastards, to release it for free online.

Dirty North consists of 10 tracks, all produced by Alexander Juneblad – also known as Academics. The producer and musician (born 1989) is behind most of Trainspotters tracks and has also joined the group on tour. He was given total musicial freedom from the intro Arrival to the outro Departure, resulting in a uniform, futuristic and – last but not least – Northern sound.

Rappers George Kaplan & Rewind takes the listener on a journey through dirty city streets to snowmobiles on the mountains, via Stockholm and Barcelona. Featuring guest artists Kastaway from Chicago and Eboi from Respect My Hustle gives their stories while praised singer That Dude Prince and Umeå‘s hip hop queen Cleo handles the topics boundlessness and motivation.

Dirty North is nothing else but Swedish hip hop in the year 2010. Welcome!

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The Beat Trotterz present: The R.A.D.I.X. Remix Contest

beat trotterz, radix and uncut hip hop  present: the r.a.d.i.x. remix contest

Dear skilled Beatsmiths,
this leak is for ya’ll!
grab this RADIx acappella and make it shine the way you feel it.
The winner will get his cut on radio rotations and will be featured on the Beat Trotterz compilation #1 free Digital Reedition (detailed infos HERE)

Check out the video to feel the flav:

Pay careful attention on your vocals compression and dynamics as we are providing a 160 kbps mp3 file.

Deadline: Sunday, september 26th 2010

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MiC K!NG & Chum Were Cool-Aide | Download the album and pay with a tweet

icon the mic king aka mic king and chum were cool-aide, download the album and pay with a tweet






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RADIx concert hip hop us Montpellier L Antirouille jeudi 23 septembre 2010

radix set et match concert hip hop montpellier l antirouille le jeudi 23 septembre 2010




Saison Cinq


Jeudi 23 septembre 2010

12 rue Anatole France
34000 Montpellier

Facebook Event

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Beat Gates – Soundgraphic (2010)

Beat Gates - Soundgraphic (2010)


Beat Gates – Nightshift EP (2010)

Beat Gates - Nightshift EP (2010)


Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz – Believe This Video

freedom entertainment logo


Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz – Believe This Video


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KONCEPT (Of The Brown Bag AllStars) – Playing Life EP

koncept of brown bag allstars: playing life ep




Here’s the new free EP from Koncept (of Brown Bag AllStars) “Playing Life“.

  • production from: J57, The Audible Doctor, maticulous, DJ Brace, & DJ Dyllemma.
  • featuring: J57, Sene, & Silent Knight.
  • All cuts from Juno Award/ DMC champion, DJ Brace.


koncept playing life ep back cover


Koncept – Playing Life trailer



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Batsauce – Summertime

batsauce summertime


SUMMERTIME’ is a free producer project from the homie Batsauce constructed entirely from versions of Gershwin’s classic song ‘Summertime’. The project features special guests The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif & Akrobatik), Mass Influence, Qwazaar, Baje One, Dillon, Chop, Paten Locke, Lady Daisey, and Wynton Kelly Stevenson.

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J57 feat. P.SO & Fresh Daily – Beyond the Infinite Pt. 2

j57 feat. and fresh daily: beyond the infinite pt., j57 digital society album cover



J57 feat. P.SO & Fresh DailyBeyond the Infinite Pt. 2
Produced by J57

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