Spectacular Diagnostics – Sunday Blend

Spectacular Diagnostics - Sunday Blend


Produced & mixed by Spectacular Diagnostics
Mastered by complex LORETTA records algorithms
Artwork & design by Spectacular Diagnostics
Hand Style by Kid Acne

Bare Beats – Mili feat. Rosie Greenwood

Bare Beats - Mili feat. Rosie Greenwood


Bare Beats – “This is a dedication to my best friend Mili who sadly passed in May this year due to numerous on-going medical issues. She was a battler and taught me so much about loving this thing we call life and even in her old age where everything was against her she would still greet each day with an undeniable love
My heart is broken pieces of love that are slowly becoming more grateful than sad
May she rest in peace

Your soul runs
Through the stars
Forever in our hearts
We lost your smile
Its all we had
We lost it all
Never to come back
Nothing as sad
As losing you
You taught us love
You taught me so much
Beautiful girl
Beautiful girl
Beautiful you
Beautiful you

Produced, arranged and mixed by Bare Beats
Mastered by Bob at Subvert Mastering
Photography and design by Bare Beats

Beat Gates – Somethings EP

Beat Gates - Somethings EP


Krum & Theory Hazit – Muddy Squirrel Tape EP

Krum Theory Hazit - Muddy Squirrel Tape EP


Fresh off the success of the “Here’s Mud In Your Eye” album, Krum and Theory Hazit are back to track mud all over your floor with the “Muddy Squirrel Tape” EP

Mecca:83 – Love Is The Message

Mecca:83 - Love Is The Message


Produced, mixed & arranged by Mecca:83
Michele Manzo: Bass Guitar
Matt Davies: Drums
Maria Grigoryeva: Strings
Artwork by Made by Motel

Vesa beats – Midnight_Bumps

Vesa beats - Midnight_Bumps


Trumpet on Real Love by Dave Guy

Philip von Wartenberg – Daily Commute

Philip von Wartenberg - Daily Commute


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