Spectacular Diagnostics – Avant Raw

Spectacular Diagnostics - Avant Raw


Spectacular Diagnostics’ “Avant Raw” guides you through 20 slabs of crackling, squelching, dusted, hip hop inspired oddities. While predominantly instrumental, Avant Raw’s carefully selected rap cameos (Milo, Chester Watson, Nolan the Ninja, and Snubnose Frankenstein) are as stylistically diverse as their ever evolving sonic backdrop.
Avant Raw’s artwork features a collaboration of some of today’s freshest comic, illustrative and graffiti artists. Matt Furie, Benjamin Marra, Alex Schubert, John Pham, Gangster Doodles, Kid Acne & Finsta provide drawings, portraits and tags that’ve been rendered, reinterpreted, and fused with Diagnostics’ own work. Dripping, dense, hyper-colored, meticulously detailed and low brow, Avant Raw’s visual eco-system arrhythmically pulses along with its accompanying

Produced, mixed, artwork & design by Spectacular Diagnostics
Additional production on “Curse” by Chester Watson
Mastered by K-KRUZ

Featuring original drawings / tags / doodles from Matt Furie, Benjamin Marra, John Pham, Alex Schubert, Gangster Doodles, Kid Acne and Finsta

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