Nitai Hershkovits feat. MNDSGN – Flyin Bamboo video

Nitai Hershkovits feat. MNDSGN - Flyin Bamboo video

Nitai Hershkovits – Flyin’ Bamboo Feat. MNDSGN

Video by Felix Colgrave featuring painted backgrounds by Trugglet
Nitai Hershkovits: Piano, Prophet 08, Yamaha CS-15
MNDSGN: Drum Programming
Yudko The Abstract: Tenor Sax and Sampler
Sefi Zisling: Trumpet
Yogev Glusman: Bass
Amir Bresler: Cymbals
Rejoicer: Prophet 08
Recorded and mixed by Rejoicer
Additional mixing and Vibes by Nomok
Produced by Rejoicer & Nitai Hershkovits
Mastered by Asaf Shay

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