Autumn Theory Records – Group Flight (Compilation)

Autumn Theory Records - Group Flight (Compilation)


100% of the sales will be donated to one or both of the charities below
Rise Against Hunger:
Rise Against Hunger’s mission is to end world hunger by 2030.
It plans to do this by utilizing volunteer efforts to package and produce nutritious meals,
which can then be distributed to reliable partners in countries worldwide.
The organization prioritizes responding to crises both natural and man-made,
from countries affected by droughts and floods to those that are in conflict zones or experiencing political turmoil.
Action Against Hunger:
This organization gathers, analyzes, and shares data specifically relating to undernutrition in communities of need;
installs programs to treat/prevent acute undernutrition in these communities;
and trains local health care workers and partners to screen and treat undernutrition

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