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Chain$aw Huey is an artist based out of Toronto and he is here to make a statement with his new song “Everyday”, produced by Matstubs. As soon as the track starts, you can hear where Chain$aw Huey may get some of his inspiration from. From the soft piano synth, simple but bangin bass and auto-tuned vocals, to the cadence of his voice and the few adlibs thrown in. At first, I thought I was hearing an old Travis Scott song with the way the song started flowing. It took me a couple more seconds to separate Chain$aw’s voice from the voice I thought I was hearing. The song itself is well made, well-structured and keeps your head bopping all throughout. The flow switch adds even more character to the song and shows what the artist is REALLY capable of. The switch-ups are smooth, well-spaced, and keep you in the groove. Just like Travis, Chain$aw Huey uses his voice to not only convey the lyrics but also as somewhat of an instrument with the way he fluctuates his voice. Chain$aw also made a simple yet great looking cover photo to accompany the song “Everyday”. Like I mentioned before, I can see where some of Chain$aw’s inspiration comes from. This gives me The Weeknd and NAV vibes. Simple, eye catching, with a gloomy badass feel. The song and photo go well together, as the energy I get from the song and picture seem familiar and you can just sense how the song may play out, in the best way possible.
Chain$aw Huey, also known as Tyjai Costain-Christy, is a 25-year-old artist and producer that’s making a name for himself, hailing from Toronto. His taste in music ranges from grungier songs to the more melodic – and you can tell that this song falls more into the melodic, despite the fact that the drums do carry the vibe across the finish line. Chain$aw also shows recognition to some of the old school rappers like Rakim, Nas and JayZ, but he explains how his influence comes more from new school rap including the likes of: Future, The Weeknd, and Travis LaFlame, to just name a few. He even speaks out on how he would love to collab with NAV. When asked about his current favorite album, he explained how he’s been bumping Lil Baby’s “My Turn”. To him, it’s a timeless piece with the production quality being what makes it standing out. He claims “You can tell how much went into it”. I can sense some of the inspiration and I believe he executes the style very well. His Soundcloud profile has some more songs with more of this type of energy and style. Some are harder, but some have more singing.
As mentioned before, Chain$aw Huey produces most of his own beats. Matstubs is a partner in some of Chain$aw’s production, by way of producing the “Everyday” beat. Be on the lookout for Chain$aw Huey’s songs on SoundCloud and Youtube, as he is focused on releasing singles. He has even performed at some smaller venues, including the Suba Night Lounge in Toronto.
The last words we got from Chain$aw Huey were about social media. He only uses social media for the positive aspects that it brings to the table, explaining how it allows the listeners to better interact with the artist they look up to. Artists reveal their routines, habits, and work flows, making the artist more relatable, understandable and lovable. It can, in a sense, bridge the gap between artists and listeners.
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