M1 dead prez & Bonnot feat. Divine RBG – Sacrifice Extended Version video

M1 dead prez Bonnot feat. Divine RBG - Sacrifice Extended Version video

M1 dead prez & Bonnot – Sacrifice Extended Version (Subtitles) – feat. Divine RBG

Directed by JaaRyce for Ottoproduction

Ottoproduction Crew:
Directed by JaaRyce
1st assistant director : Victor Sicard
Shooting in France:
2nd ass Director: Lorenzo Marcolini, Pasquale Fernandez
Director of Photografy: Romain Lebonniec
Camera: Olivier Zibret
Ass Camera: Thomas Bonnel – Madiba L. Konte
2nd Camera: Issam Lotfi
Machinist: Madiba L.Konte
Ass Production: Heol , Josephine, Louise and Matteo
Shooting in New York:
DOP: Jaaryce
Camera: Victor Sicard
Ass Camera: Intikana
Director of Postproduction: Thomas Bonnel ( REEPOST )
Edited by: Basile Belkhiri and Jaaryce
Color Correction: Sofiane Mehelleb
Special fx: Olivier Zibret
Sacrifice Graffiti:
@ Montreuil (France): Modem Mcz
@ New York: Med Tuff City



Take yo Sacrifice
Take yo Sacrifice
Cause you don’t know if its a Afterlife
(If its a Afterlife)
So Take yo Sacrifice

(verse 1)

All Power to the People

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

i live for today, no time to play
aint got no time for no games
remember this song
when im dead an Im gone
bury me dead in the flames
make em remember yo name
stakin’ yo claim in this lifetime
everythang to gain nothing to lose
And its rightfully mine
Mutulu Shakur opened the door
and took me up under his wing
i sat at the table and drank from the ladel
and now i got something to bring
salute to the youth
that walk with the truth
and ready to get they stripes
you never too young
remember they hung us
now they giving us strikes
Bobby Hutton, yeah Bobby Hutton
I say it again and again
first to join, first to die
in the Panthers for self defense
16 years old, the brother was cold
he had the heart of a thousand men
long live his name
i think about him when I train
so now we gon win
Fred said Dont ever be scared
cause you too young to die
Cause you feared, you already
now you just paralyzed
determine your destiny
take the future into yo hands
if anyone can do it then you can!


its so serious, yeah its so serious
emergency its cardiac arrest
if you thuggin’ then you better wear a vest,
this is the the reality and not a test

Twymon Myers set em on fire
he was down with the BLA
he was 16 when he picked his team
his sacrifice was made
when i say sacrifice
i dont mean to do nothing stupid
participation is the best education
said Huey Newton
scared money dont make no money
thats what they say in them streets
and victory is so sweet
versus the agony of defeat
id rather die on my knees
than live as a coward on my feet
and fuck dying lets stop dying
if you wit it then lets get free
the youth brigade, so young and so brave
never get led to the slaughter
the next to claim the future
they’re the best of the sons and daughters
my back to the wind
my feet on the ground
We putting it down for the crown
but not no colony, fuck em is my philosophy
thats what im bout
i learned from the palestinians
and the mexican EZLN
the government thats down with imperialism
cant be your friend
they badboy politicians
saying show me the benjimens
but im throwing up RBG until the end


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