Dot.i – GladlY

Dot.i - GladlY


Produced and written By dot.i

Think along terms of being a civil rights activist in the 1960s/50s fighting for the basic civil right to have access to some dead greasy spoon in the middle of nowhere racistville u.s.a that is selling death on a plate, garnished with that good ole poison with that bad ole grease on that average ole grease slopped onto a dirty young plate too thin to use for consuming anything, purely just to make the point that I can go there if I want – even though in my right mind I would never ever want to go in there.
Think Oscar Wilde quotes
Think how PTSD can affect the next generation’s idea of where they go or cant or where they want or don’t
Think Frantz Fannon
Think of where you get access based on privilege
Think if you get access to that place but its only you who can enter and not the people you came with……
This track is off of a project called “U IN OR OUT?” and the project is about access.
This track is called “GLADLY”

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