David Lavoie & Carson Tworow – Urban Repurpose

David Lavoie Carson Tworow - Urban Repurpose


Urban Repurpose sees David Lavoie back on Inner Ocean Records with his second release, this time with fellow Capilano University Jazz compatriot Carson Tworow. If these two names sound familiar, chances are you’ve heard of their lo-fi mixtape project, Chill Evans. For this collaboration, Lavoie’s talents as a trumpet and guitar player and Tworow’s drumming and electronic production background are the focus, culminating in 11-tracks of all-original beat-driven jazz compositions. Urban Repurpose features the brilliant trinket My Name, the smoky neo-soul Second Hand, and the undeniably funky Night Function. And plenty of swagger from start to finish

The album is the culmination of Carson and David’s years of collaborating together as jazz artists, electronic musicians, and producers. They work collaboratively online between Calgary and Vancouver, with David handling much of the writing and instrumental performance and Carson handling drum programming, production, and synthesizers

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